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Mercedes-Benz Metris

Inside - KARAT Individual, branded through and through: a unique interior partition with folding seats; a rear row module with comfortable ventilated chairs with heating, massage and "memory" functions; a Maybach-style Alcantara ceiling with Ambient Light contour lighting; a refrigerator built into the center console; an impressive QLED TV with Smart TV; excellent noise insulation; additional storage space and an incredible variety of other beautiful and useful interior elements

Advantages of our interior

The synergy of manual labor and mechanical work brought our wildest expectations to life

Interior partition with triplex movement mechanism (double glass) and Samsung 43 Qled 4K Smart TV

Signature soundbar
High-quality sound insulation of the partition
Add. cabin ventilation
Contour LED TV backlight
Wi-Fi router for 1 sim card
designer handles
Finishing parts of the partition (aquaprint)
Partition upholstery in leather and Alcantara

Transformer seats

Branded comfort seats are made of natural materials and have an individual design with advanced functionality

Installing Mercedes-Benz seats

seat memory
massage mechanism
Electric head restraints
Lumbar supports
Side seat controls
2 partition and device control units
Type-C connectors
Illuminated pocket at the back of the console

Center console

Radio TouchScreen for multimedia control
Sliding front upper part of the console by 12 cm for additional. pockets or folding tables.

Table setting
Installing tables Mercedes-Benz Maybach on a regular place in the center armrest

Side armrests

Side armrests Style Maybach 223 (no analogue)
Real leather trim, matt chrome, gloss black
Rear seat control joysticks
Wireless stations for phone charging (2 pcs)
Cup holders with adaptive contour lighting (2 pcs)
Finishing interior details with natural veneer / carbon fiber
Stylized two-level illumination AmbiLight

Style Maybach ceiling with dimmer

Individual spotlight with dimmer (2 pcs)
"Starry sky" on the sides and in the back of the ceiling
Style Maybach RGB Stream Lighting
Additional module with integrated individual lighting mirrors and climate control unit for passengers in the cabin, finishing in black gloss and matt chrome
Ceiling air ducts Style Maybach 223 (4 pcs)

Optional equipment

Front view camera with TV output
Digital television
Apple TV
Safe - secret button to open the safe
Fabric curtains for all windows (except driver's)
Alcantara blinds for all windows (except driver's)
Alcantara electric blinds for windows, 1 window
Socket (220 Volt)
Extractor to remove unpleasant odors in the cabin
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